Social Networking beyond the Web!
We enable businesses and people to be easily reachable on their phones.

Our Motivation...
Imagine calling a friend using his nickname! Imagine reaching a department store billing department without looking up their 800 numbers! Imagine a friend who has moved to another state and changed her number, but you can still call her without asking her new number! Imagine a telethon where the host does not need to provide you a number to call! Imagine a world where we do not have to remember the 10 digit telephone numbers!! Right now when you navigate to your favorite website, you never use an IP Address , rather you use an easy-to-remember website domain name address. There is a reason human mind prefers names over numbers - names are easier to remember!! There are some additional benefits of hiding the numbers behind the names. For example, web domain names enable websites to change their hosting companies, hardware servers or even locations without bothering the end user about these changes. This is not only simple and convenient to the end user, but also helps businesses to build their brands by choosing a mnemonic website name that reflects their product or service.
Our Solution...
At Mnemonic Technologies, we saw the opportunity of applying this concept to phone numbers and decided to provide a solution that will solve many related problems like the 800 numbers attrition and it's 10-digit limitation. One can reserve a CallName that represents her identity or personality, and then allows other people to call her by using her CallName. Businesses can pick up a CallName that is related to their branding, thus allowing people to ring up a business by its brand name leading to increased conversions.
We have been complacently using a sixty years old technology, a carrier assigned 10-digit telephone number, to connect to our family, friends, and businesses on landlines and cellular phones. Its time to break free and represent ourselves by our CallName!
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Management Team
Our management team has years of collective industry experience shipping products to millions of users. We have a track record of impacting people's choices in using software to perform their daily activities in a simple and enjoyable matter. At Mnemonic Technologies, we constantly look for the missing piece in technology and strive to find the solution. Our team is also backed with a diverse team of strong advisors coming from industry, academia, and a very successful Startup company.

Ahmed is a well-rounded leader in software engineering with a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, and eighteen years of experience in architecting and developing software solutions.

He also has four Microsoft Data Visualization patents used in Business Intelligence applications. During his thirteen years tenure at Microsoft, he played different roles developing, using and evangelizing Microsoft technologies and leading engineering teams in the area of Systems Performance Analysis on Windows OS, as well as Microsoft online applications. He released various number of industry leading software products that are used by millions of users worldwide including four generations of Microsoft Windows Operating System and the leading search engine, Bing and Virtual Earth.

Ahmed Kamel, Director, Innovation and IP
CallName: ahmed

Raza has a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and six years of research and software development experience at Microsoft. He has worked in a startup environment at adLabs – Microsoft's applied research lab that promotes innovation in Microsoft Ads Platform.

At Microsoft, during more than ten shipping cycles, he contributed to release multiple products, such as, Windows Rights Management Services, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Ads Platform improvements. He has sixteen research publications in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences, and has filed a patent in digital advertisement.

Raza Ul-Mustafa, Director, Engineering and Operations
CallName: raza

Ahmed Elbortoukaly is an active Internet Marketing Consultant with experience in Social Media and Search Engine Marketing. In 2007, he co-founded YouSport Inc, where his tasks included business planning and development, acquiring start-up capital, hiring core staff and handling Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Ahmed has over 5 years of intensive experience in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Paid Search on multiple platform that includes facebook, LinkedIn, AdWords, AdCenter and Twitter. He is also a Google Certified Professional AdWords Consultant.

Ahmed Elbortoukaly, Director, Marketing
CallName: MarketingGuru